Dani Clews

Dani Clews

Senior Travel Consultant

I honestly feel that my job is one of the best and most rewarding. As travel is my biggest passion in life, I feel so lucky to be exploring as much of the world as I can, while also helping Destina customers tick off their own travel wishlists.

I’ve worked in the travel industry for eight years, and for Destina since 2011, and I still get the same enjoyment from creating that just-right holiday for a client. I get the most satisfaction from knowing that I’ve helped them to create very special memories that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

I especially love researching unusual, off the beaten track destinations, to discover exciting itinerary options for my clients. They say the world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page – well, I intend to read it twice over!

Favourite Destination:

Anywhere with snow! Learning to ski or snowboard opens up a whole new world of holiday options.

Most Memorable Experience:

Floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan. This atmospheric body of water is the saltiest in the world and many believe it to have health-boosting properties.

Three Must See Destinations:

Canada has amazing natural scenery (with plenty of snow!), buzzing nightlife and incredible wildlife including reindeer, wolves, mountain lions and bears.

Italy is one of the most romatic destinations in the world. It has delicious food (and amazing ice cream!), beautiful Italian villages and endless culture and history.


Sri Lanka is the perfect combination of culture and relaxation. From ancient temples and leopard safaris to gorgeous golden beaches, not to mention the fantastic surf scene.


Top Travel Tip:

Get lost on purpose! Good planning lays the foundations for a fantastic trip, but it’s often those spur of the moment adventures that make a holiday extra special.